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Based on 3529 reviews

Love that it doesn't make my skin flair up, also stays on longer than any other make up I've tried. Keen to try the brow cushion next.

Love it

Perfect Powder Foundation!

This stuff is so good!!! I've tried other powder foundations over the years and they just never work for my skin. For some reason after about an hour, they always make my skin oiler than normal. This stayed PUT and stayed matte (but not too matte) literally all day long. Can't wait to get the full size and brush!!!

Fiber lash mascara

The collagen mascara itself is amazing. The fibers really irritate my eyes, are flaky, and don't look that good on my lashes.

Best Foundation Ever

This mineral foundation is all i wear everyday. Love you can just do a light coverage for during the day or full coverage for a night out! My skin has been so much better since using this.

Brow Cushion Kit - Amazing :)

I was shocked how easy this was to apply and stayed on all day, Also there are 2 shades in the kit to can choose to go lighter or darker depending on the event. Another great product from Fitcover.

Great foundation!

I've been using this foundation for about a month and so far I love it. I've always avoided powders because my face gets dry easily, but this doesn't dry me out! It's super blendable and covers redness really well (I've got very acne prone skin) without looking cake-y. The only negative thing I've noticed is that if I use it around my eye area that skin gets irritated. However, it doesn't irritate anything else, so I just have to be careful, and use a neutral colored eyeshadow to set my concealer instead.

Color-wise, I've got light skin that approaches medium in the summer, and neutral to warm undertones. I was worried Embrace would be too dark but it's perfect for summer (will probably go down a shade in winter).

I do wish you could choose the sample colors you get with your full size product. I know I have a neutral-warm skin tone, but the next shade below Embrace is for cool skin tones. I ended up purchasing samples separately before the full size container, which worked, but now I have a bunch of samples that I'm never going to use.

Otherwise, this is great stuff and I'd definitely recommend!

💕foundation 💕

I love this foundation. It feels so good on skin. I love the sample packs ♥️

Horrible product

I want to start by saying I have loved everything FitCover that I’ve tried previously. I don’t go a day without the mineral powder and I love the brush it came with and also use the HIIT serum every day. But...This stuff is absolute trash. I think the mascara formula by itself is just okay but the brush is so thick that it got all over my lids. It also smudged terribly under my lower lashes. The fibers are so so so bad. I followed the directions by starting with mascara, applying fibers, and then another coat of mascara to kind of seal it in. I thought they were okay after application but then shortly after it all dried down they started to flake off into my eyes. Throughout the day they’ve continued to do so and also are all over my eyelids and under my eyes. It’s such a hot mess and really really uncomfortable and I cannot wait to take it off. My first and last experience with fibers as this is exactly what I feared would happen. Super glad I didn’t actually wear this to the gym today, I can’t imagine what sweat would have done to the mascara.

Thumbs up

I have an oily/combo face. This works so well for an everyday look! It’s super lightweight too. :)

Best I've ever had

I totally love the lash mass kit!! Third time I order it now and it's not the last time. Fitcover changes my life and my Skin. Thank you for all your awsome products!

More like a bronzer

Honestly, I feel like this is more of a bronzer than an actual powder foundation. It's very shimmery. I end up looking like a glazed cinnamon doughnut after application. Luckily, Fit Cover sent a small sample of "Nourish" which is great and not shimmery. So many positive I missing something here?


The smell is addictive. I love the smell and feel of this. I look forward to using this everytime. My skin feels amazing.

Fitcover for me is the perfect powder I have ever worn. It’s light on has great coverage and absolutely works. I’m a 50 and a bit women who loves the gym and have never experienced such a good product. I now know that I will be for ever purchasing, not just for the gym but for every day use.

Seriously sweat resistant!!

This foundation is literally so quick to apply during the busy morning and gives great coverage! I often forget its even on my face since it's so lightweight. I have a long walking commute every morning where I'm dripping in sweat and have to change clothes by the time I arrive at my office. But my face still always looks great. Even after blotting the sweat, my foundation remains intact! I'm so happy I found this foundation that's safe to sweat in and doesn't make my sensitive skin breakout or irritated!


I am a 57yr old massage therapist and was looking for a natural makeup that would stay on all day whilst working in a closed room with oils. I was unsure wether a mineral foundation would suit my skin so I emailed the company to check before purchasing. The company told me that it would be fine so I took the chance and tried it for 2 weeks. Yes it does stay on all day and yes it covers well but boy does it dry your skin out. I use a very good moisturiser morning and night and had no problems with my skin until I used this product so maybe it’s not suitable for mature skin

Perfect for dry sensitive skin

This product has done wonders for my dry sensitive skin and leaves my face feeling amazing

Best coverage

The mineral foundation is one of the best foundations i've ever used!!
The coverage is amazing and it lasts all day even after a workout
Wont use anything else ever again

LOVE this product but beware of shimmer!

First off let me say that I LOVE this product, it’s coverage, and ease. I bought the sample colors and found that all three shades worked great for me - but one had a significant amount of shimmer in it. Much to my disappointment, I inadvertently ordered that shade by mistake. I’m so sad but am trying to use it all up so I can repurchase my correct shade. Darn that shimmer!

Love it! I’m currently pregnant and my skin breaks out so badly, this has helped clear up my skin so well! And great coverage too.

You will never use anything else AGAIN!

I love love love ALL of the fitcover range! The lash Mass is life changing! I'm always complimented on my skin and it's all thanks to fitcover!

A good little sampler

I think the sample set is a good way to find out what colour you need, without spending the $50 (if it ends up being wrong)

Amazing product

I am a boxer, so my training schedule is intense. This is the best product I have ever bought!! It has amazing coverage and stays on even after I have sweated heavily!!! 5 stars!

Revitalize your skin and GLOW

This product is one I use daily and I LOVE what it has done for my skin! My skin feels smooth and moisturized throughout the day without feeling heavy or weighted on my skin (and it helps my makeup glide on and stay all day)!

Definitely worth a try... SO happy I took a chance on this product :)


What a great way to find the perfect match. I purchased the sample pack thinking I would be the lightest shade, turns out the darker shade of the 3 was my shade.