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This is magic

Buy this stuff. Use it day and night. The results will speak for themselves 🙌

Love this stuff

This stuff is magic. My skin is clearer and looks incredible under this powder. Stats on all day and easy to wash off at night. Absolutely perfect 👌

Love Love Love

I am so impressed with this product. When i first applied it, i was a little concerned about how sparkly it was in the light of my make-up mirror (i didn't want to walk out of the house looking like a vampire from twilight!) but i wore it to work, went to the gym, played a game of soccer and was still able to go to dinner with my friends without having to re-apply (which before this seemed like it would be impossible). The powder is so lightweight that you don't feel like you're wearing make-up, the brush make application incredibly easy and my skin feels so healthy.
I have tried and tested a lot (and i mean a LOT!) of products on my skin to try and find something that ticks all the boxes and i think i finally found it!
Thank you Fit Cover for making a product that WORKS! <3

I'm really enjoying this product

It feels so light, it looks great. I finally feel pretty while I workout


Super quick to apply. Light weight and not cakey. Only thing is that it does show up my dry patches. But apart from that I'm auoer impressed! The brush is super soft and super quick to use.

Love it!

I decided to give this a go for use mainly on humid days as my usual liquid based makeup melts off. I’m now converted after 2 weeks of daily use to a permanent Fitcover devotee! I have very sensitive skin and have tried a number of powder based mineral makeups all with no success. Not to mention the other brands’ products powder often settled in my facial lines, which I did not like - who does? Fitcover doesn’t do this. It remains even across my face. It stays put on even the hottest of days and yes I did try it out at the gym to see if it lived up to its promise - it does. Thank you so much! I love it!

All day everyday!

Absolutely loved this so much I just ordered more (got a little tan) and am switching it to my everyday makeup!!

Happy customer

Happy with the coverage and it stays on all day


This is the most comfortable, long lasting foundation I have used in a long time. I work 10 hour days everyday Monday through Friday, and attend crossfit/olympic lifting classes in the evenings. On weekends, I work a second job as a hostess in a restaurant. Needless to say I am non-stop all day, everyday. Lucky for me, this makeup is as nonstop as I am. It stays put and looks as wonderful at the end of my days as it does in the mornings. I LOVE the foundation and the HIIT Superfood. They are are great combination for 56 year old skin. Have to admit I was not a fan of the mascara, but I have some that works for me that compliments the FitCover makeup. Keep up the good work.

Definitely does what it is made to do

I honestly don't wear it at the gym, I don't believe in wearing makeup at the gym. But a foundation that can withstand sweat? I had to. Now it definitely does the job. It stays on way better than any other foundation I have tried. And I don't even have to wear liquid foundation with it, it does a great job covering my face in a quite natural looking finish. The only issue I would say is the colour, even though I have chosen the lightest shade, isn't exactly the lightest according to my skin colour. I kind of look a bit orange. So I have to try and even it out with another, lighter foundation I have. Other than that, I would give it 9/10.

Fitcover review of shade lift

I found that none of the shades really matched my skin tone, lift being the fairest is still way too dark. Also I’ve worked out a few times in it, during my lunch break at work and it became very patchy and blotchy after my workout. Definitely not sweat proof makeup but does feel like it doesn’t clog the pores (probably the only upside) but the fact that it’s not sweat proof really defeats the purpose


Great value for money, lasts all day!

Great way!!!

Great way to find my right shade. I love how accurate it is the pack, I usually wear tan or warm beige tones so I hot pack 4 that is for tan skin tones and the toned and nourish were the best ones but I did like toned better because the golden finish that give on my skin. Love it, I ordered the kit already!!!

Love it!!!

This serum is amazing, great quality, great for acne prone skin. I love to use it!!!

Awesome sweat proof make up

Great product, definitely sweat proof and I’ve put it to the test at the gym but also lasts through a full work day! Can have a pretty full coverage, or you can keep it lighter. Can be applied as a liquid with the serum or just as powder. Really nice appearance, plus it’s vegan and natural!

Fitcover review

I am amazed at this mineral foundation, I don't really go to the gym at the moment, But I love it for the convenience it has.
If I am not ready early morning, I take my fitcover and brush in a bag in my handbag, it takes a couple of minutes to apply and I am done. No messy liquid spills or messes on tops, etc.
I absolutely love the convenience of this foundation. I am so glad I found it. I can have light to medium to full coverage, for any occasion.
Thanks Fitcover xx

Lifesaver! Amazing

Absolutely love this product! Its the only thing that i can use to hydrate my skin that doesn’t give me more breakouts! In fact it even helped me with my acne! Also love the powder foundation which i started using to have less skin issues those products are absolute lifesavers!


I absolutely love this foundation. I’ve ordered it before and I’ll continue to order FitCover! Goes on great, lasts all day and just feels like nothing! ❤️

Amazing Product

I have been using this product for months now and love it, there is no other product that is so light and covers so well and it stays on! The samples that come with the order are also helpful to try other shades and also to lighten or darken the colour for when you need it.


I was using liquid foundation and this is far superior. Fitcover is light, blends well and doesn't even feel like you're wearing makeup. Great product. Will continue to use!


This product is great. I had been having skin trouble before due to stress and the humid/sweaty weather and this cleared it right up for me. Will continue to use!

Great Foundation

Fitcover appeared in my FB feed and i was intrigued. I received my kit yesterday and tested this AM. I am very happy with the results. Not drying (I am 48 and have to worry about that sort of thing). Stayed on all day even after workouts. Will definitely purchase a shade darker for the NYC summer. Glad iI pulled the trigger and purchased!! If your in doubt, try it.. you will not be disappointed...

Best Foundation

Best coverage. Never had a breakout after using it while at the gym. When I run out and I don't have a spare heart broken

Daily elixir xx

Not only does this smell like gold or feels like it. It's amazing as a make up base and replenished for my very oily skin!

I’m in love with fitcover

I have switched using regular liquid foundation for fitcover mineral powder. It had better coverage than any of the foundations I’ve worn previously.
Fitcover is so simple to apply. I wore fitcover on a 48 degree day and didn’t feel like my make up was running down my face. Give it a try, you won’t regret it