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Makeup Bundles

Ever found yourself sifting through countless beauty products, wondering which ones truly deserve a spot on your vanity? We've taken the guesswork out of the equation with our handpicked makeup bundles. Each product in our bundle is curated with meticulous care and serves a distinct purpose, offering you both versatility and quality.

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Explore the best of beauty with our premium makeup bundles

No more wading through endless reviews or swatching a dozen shades; we've brought together the cream of the crop. These bundles represent more than just makeup; they represent a carefully crafted beauty experience designed to elevate your routine, saving you both time and guesswork.

Beauty in motion — the Fitcover promise

Fitcover is not just another name in the beauty industry. We're advocates for the woman who's always on the move. We believe makeup should be an empowering tool, versatile enough to match the diverse roles modern women play each day. From those dawn workouts to the twilight gatherings, from the boardroom to the yoga studio, we've recognised the need for makeup that's as adaptable as you are. 

That's why our approach focuses on real-life needs. We prioritise long-lasting formulas that won't betray you midday and shades that flatter a spectrum of skin tones. We've eliminated the fluff, centring our range on products that perform reliably, even in the face of sweat and spontaneity. 

With Fitcover, it's about embracing an active lifestyle without compromising beauty. We offer the assurance that while you move, your makeup moves with you, resilient and radiant.

What makes our Australian makeup bundles so special?

Crafted with precision and a genuine understanding of what makeup enthusiasts seek, our Australian makeup bundles stand out in a league of their own. Rooted in quality, variety and adaptability, they cater to both makeup aficionados and novices alike. With each bundle, we aim to encapsulate the vibrant spirit of Australian beauty, making sure you get more than just products — you get an experience. Here’s what sets our makeup bundles apart:

All about choices

Each of our bundles brings together a rich selection of makeup products. Whether you're crafting your daily look or prepping for a night out, we've got you covered.

Tailored for you

We understand that every individual's beauty needs are unique. That's why our best makeup bundles bring together a range of makeup products, ensuring you have the perfect tool for every look and occasion.

Stay flawless, no matter what

Everyone's had one of those days — rushing from a gym session to a dinner date. With our sweat-proof makeup products, you can trust your makeup to stick around.

Gifts that keep on giving

If you're hunting for that perfect gift or perhaps a treat for yourself, our makeup sets hit the mark. With its mix of essentials and trendy picks, it's hard not to love.

Beyond makeup — nourish and nurture

While makeup does wonders for enhancing our features, proper skin health is crucial. That's where our skincare line steps in. Our skincare line, featuring the popular HIIT serum, emphasises this commitment to thorough skin wellness. Beyond the face, we believe in caring for every inch of your skin, which led us to develop a comprehensive range of body care products

Pairing these with our sweatproof makeup selections ensures you're pampered, protected and prepared for anything. Explore our skincare and body care collections for an all-encompassing beauty experience.

Ready to elevate your beauty routine with Fitcover?

Ready for makeup that understands and complements your pace? Discover the magic of Fitcover's offerings. And here's another bonus — if you're curious to try before you commit, Fitcover offers makeup samples for exploration. Plus, any orders over $150 come with free shipping. Your new beauty faves are just a click away.


The best makeup kit really depends on individual needs and preferences. Fitcover's makeup bundles are carefully curated with high-quality, sweat-resistant products designed for active individuals. They strike a balance between daily essentials and specialised items, ensuring you look your best during any activity.

For a comprehensive makeup routine, consider investing in sweatproof foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and a lip product. A setting powder or spray can also be handy to lock everything in place. Fitcover's makeup bundles offer a great mix of these products, tailored for those with an active lifestyle.

A professional makeup artist kit often includes a wider range of shades for foundations, concealers, eyeshadows and lip colours to cater to various skin tones. It also contains tools like brushes, sponges and makeup setting products. While our bundles cater mainly to individual users, they are made of professional-grade quality that even makeup artists would appreciate.

At Fitcover, while we do have makeup-focused bundles, we're proud to offer dedicated bundles for skincare and body care. These specially curated sets encompass everything you need to nourish, hydrate and protect your skin from head to toe. Whether it's our rejuvenating skincare formulas or our pampering body care solutions, our bundles are designed to give you a comprehensive approach to beauty and wellness. The exact contents can differ based on the specific bundle chosen, but each has been carefully curated to ensure you get the best in care and quality

Buying a makeup pack or bundle can offer better value than purchasing items individually. It's also a convenient way to get coordinated products, ensuring a harmonious makeup look. Plus, Fitcover's makeup packs are designed to cater to active lifestyles, giving you the added assurance of sweat-resistant products.