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Fitcover Gift Kit


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Share the love, sweat and tears fearlessly with your Active Beauty with this essential starter kit. Perfect to gift, or to keep! Go on...

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    The best bits

    Abandon your search for the perfect gift because we’ve created the ultimate bundle for under $100. Introducing... the Fitcover Gift Kit.

    We’ve bundled together Fitcover essentials for an effortless, flawless, sweat-proof, dewy look that lasts ALL day. And, they’re going to thank YOU for it!

    The Xmas Gift Kit is perfect for gifting to your babes, and yourself! Go on—you ALL deserve it, you Boss Babes!

    What do I get?
    9 x Samples Active Mineral Powder Foundation (1 of each of our full range of shades)
    1 x Curves Kabuki Brush with holder
    1 x FREE Fitcover Makeup Bag
    1 x $40 Gift Card (for use on any future purchase, 3-year expiry)

      This makeup is crafted to endure sweat, tears, a long active day and everything else without blocking the pores, causing dryness or aggravating skin issues like acne or dermatitis.

      It’s lightweight, yet can be built to provide a glamorous full coverage with a natural, dewy look from the shimmery minerals.

      Active Babes who wear Fitcover’s Active Mineral Powder Foundation love that they can sweat with no regrets and look on-point all day, every day! They also love how easy it is to apply, how well it blends and that it feels absolutely light-as-a-feather on the skin.

      With a full range of our nine shades, your Active Babe will be able to play around with the shades to find her perfect match as well as selecting combos that create dynamic highlights, contours and make the eyes ‘pop’ and sparkle even more.

      Kabuki Brush

      Throw out those old daggy brushes and forget about the cheap (and nasty) “free sponge” that comes with supermarket powders and get the best Active Mineral Powder Foundation finish in the biz.

      With an ergonomic handle and a broad bristle base, the Kabuki Brush makes a perfect air-brushed finish easy by gently applying the powder foundation in a circular motion.

      What's better than a Kabuki? A Fitcover Kabuki Brush and matching holder of course!

      Fitcover Kabuki Classic Brush

      Perfect for applying on the go. It fits perfectly in the top of the loose powder mineral foundation container, and doesn't take up much room in your bag!

      Over 500 Thousand micro-fine soft bristles ensure optimal density for even makeup application, the 100% certified vegan and cruelty-free, premium synthetic bristles are compatible with powders, creams and liquids.

      Fitcover Kabuki Curves Brush

      An innovative brush designed for tender and sensitive skin.

      Combining all the best qualities of Fitcover Kabuki Classic Brush, the Fitcover Kabuki Curves Brush is our big softie. The semicircle puffy top features duo-fibre bristles made of over 50,000 top quality synthetic hairs providing the perfect density for an even coverage.

      The brush fits perfectly into the holder and lets you achieve flawlessly smooth silky finish on the go!


      Active Mineral Powder Foundation
      Mica, Zinc Oxide (provides an SPF15+ barrier), Titanium Dioxide, Silicon Dioxide, Vitamin E, Olive Squalane, Tin Oxide & may contain Iron Oxides.

      Learn more about all of our ingredients here.

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