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Based on 2963 reviews

Lightweight and make my skin feel and look amazing!

Buy it, you’ll love it!!

I bought my first Fitcover Full Experience kit just over 2 weeks ago and I haven’t looked back. It feels both beautiful on and gives full coverage, perfect not only for a sweaty gym sesh but for everyday wear too. I will be recommending to all my mates and will only be using this foundation in the future.
Super quick delivery, arrived the day after I put my order in.
Absolutely love this foundation!!


Colour match was accurate. Purchased my expected colour and a sample selection. I’ve used the samples mixed together to create a bronzer... works very well!
My acne has cleared and the coverage is bloody amazing.


I can’t believe how many people asked where I get my eyelashes put on after using this product. I’m terrible at makeup but the mascara is really easy to use. I also have sensitive skin and particularly around the eye area but I had no issues after using and them removing the mascara and fibre lashes

Worth the price

It’s amazing how fantastic this product is. It’s not expensive at all and it works for such a long period of time. I’m a face sweater and this has been the most successful i’ve ever used

Love the foundation

Foundation is perfect, this is my 2nd order and I love it. I'm not a fan of the new lid though. Integer the flip up lid instead of the twist one.


Lightweight and feels amazing on my skin - like I’m not caked with foundation. The only down side would be that it still does come off during a workout especially if the workout is at the end of the day. However it did give beautiful coverage for the entire day before the workout!

Would appreciate a packaging that was not as fragile as the current one! :) would be nice to have little containers for the sample packs as they currently come in little ziplog bags that are difficult to pour out and use.

Pretty good

They were amazing on my brows but would still smudge/ leave marks on my towel after an F45 workout, especially if I have it on from morning for work and only do my workout at about 5pm. Could be because I have oily skin, but otherwise I am still satisfied!

Never received.

Never received my package. Emailed as per late delivery and got a reply saying they’d look into it but never heard back after that. Emailed again and still haven’t heard anything or received my package. Still getting bugged for a review so here it is.

Hi Rose, I'm so sorry to hear this. Can I have your order #, please? I've tried to search your email but can't find it. Also, hunt your order using your email address in both our shop (AU and US) but can't find any purchase from you. Appreciate your response on this.
Good product, inconvenient package

I love the product but do not like the packaging

its hard to get the powder out through the wholes without putting the cover back on, tapping it then opening it and repeat-just very time consuming

the powder itself is amazing and the brush is perfect

please improve the packaging!!!!


Samples were good, however it would be nicer if the pan size was a bit wider. So we can fit a brush or sponge

I really like this foundation. I've always used liquid so it's quite new for me. You definitely need to wear a primer or moisturiser underneath though as i've noticed it does dry my skin a little. I'm not bothered about make up at the gym, but it's great for work when i'm outside all day in QLD heat!


Love this product, so easy to use with such great results. I love all of the Fitcover range.

Good coverage, too much glitter

The coverage of the powder is nice, but I didn’t realize that it would have glitter in it. It’s alright indoors, but I’m definitely sparkling in the sun. I guess I’ll save it for beach days but not really appropriate for the office.

Almost perfec

The product itself is great!, I also ordered the brush and I’m so glad I did because it is so soft and really picks up a lot of product which makes it super quick to apply the product. My only negative is that the container lid is not secure so the first time I used it and gently tapped the container against the lid to let product out the whole lid popped off and my product went all over the counter. I scooped up as much as I could because I want to keep using it. It happened a second time when I forgot to keep my thumb on one side of the stopper so you have to be really careful when tapping product out of container onto the lid. Could of just been a defective one as well, I will just be careful from now on so I don’t lose any more product. Other than that I would highly recommend as the mineral foundation is really soft and effective at building coverage.

The actual powder is brilliant. I live in Townsville and find it works well for me in the humid weather. The brush is to hard for my face, I use my old brush. And I changed containers to my old container as the holes are only on half of the lid and would be better all the way around.

Mineral foundation

I was so excited to try this out! While the colour is great ❤️ I’m not overly thrilled with the product itself. It feels cakey and while it was a warm day here in Sydney I started sweating and my foundation was gone in parts and “gathered” in other parts like in small wrinkles for example.
I won’t be ordering and wasting my hard earnt cash on this product again.

Hi Katrice, I am sorry this has happened and is very surprising to us that it could be Fitcover doing this as we have formulated a product that allows your skin to breath. I have sent a private email today, I wish I can help you on this.
5 STARS Amazing!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Coverage is great, lightweight, does what it says, packaging is great!


Loving the serum

My skin gas never been better. Love it!


This product isn't very good at all. The fibres don't stick onto the lashes very well. I have used plenty of fibre mascara and this has to be one of the worst... sorry, love the fitcover but not the mascara. Paid way too much for disappointment

Hi Lynsey, I'm so sorry to hear this. :( Your feedback is really helpful! We've realised we need to make sure we include a diverse range in future testing for new products as we want as close to 100% success as possible.

Stays on
Covers well
Shade is perfect for my skin tone
Way less breakouts from working out in makeup.


Hands down the Best brow product I've ever used!! Really hope you keep it as part of your line and not just limited edition.

Great light weight foundation

I absolutely love this powder. It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing makeup but offers great coverage. I use it as a concealer as well. My skin is acne prone and most liquid foundations only made it worse. Great customer service as well

Awesome product

My daughter loves this! Her brows stay on, even after swimming, which makes her very happy.

Super happy with this product, I love it, will definitely be purchasing again.