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Based on 4157 reviews
Amazing!! I’m in love❤️

Randomly found this makeup on a Facebook ad and I decided to try it. Well I’m so glad I did. It covers the red around my nose and evens the rest of my skin. Does great for workouts too!!

Good coverage

Fitcover foundation provides the coverage I like: Goldilocks - not too heavy, not too light... just right!
BUT... I can’t totally agree with it being sweat proof as my gym towel will attest. I only dab my face but even that leaves unsightly marks and whilst at the beach I seemed to lose all coverage altogether. I just don’t think it’s quite strong enough for the humidity we experience here in Queensland. Still a great product and I’ll not change anytime soon but calling it sweat proof is a tad misleading.

Took a minute getting used to the fibers but now it's my FAVE. Absolutely love how long my lashes are with this stuff!

What a great serum. Feels luscious!

My first experience with mineral makeup & I LOVE IT!

Love my powder! Looking forward to my next purchase of a shade darker to play with contouring & summer shades! <3

Such a fun little brush!

Love the brush & it's stiffness, yet how soft & smooth it applies the mineral powder.


Utilised during exercise classes and extreme heat and humidity. Works well but didn’t notice any difference from my normal mineral powder. Still a good product , although priced much higher.


Good coverage and moisture content.
Easy to apply and works well with the tanning liquid. Nice fresh look.

My fave oil

I place 2 to 3 drops and it spreads a long way, love this, feels and smells great. I must let you all know, I don't break out with pimples or rash with these products, no irritation, I'm loving this and intend to make this my go to,everyday makeup, most importantly it's animal free, all based on nature, love it.

Perfect for my skin

I purchased the Toned foundation, I'm not a makeup person but following others on how to apply is sooo simple, this spreads beautifully on my skin, no patches, no dark spots. My face shines, it glows, I love this.

Great brush

This brush is amazing it spreads the foundation evenly, so soft, love it

No Clumps! Natural Looking Lashes

I too have used various Fibre mascara kits and they drop fibres all over you face during the day.. not a good look! The Fitcover Mass Lash Kit doesn't clump and stays put! Also the fibres do not irritate my eyes like some of the other brands. I will definately be purchasing more.. No more falsies!!! YAY!


After using Sweat for years I was excited to see another option with more color
Choices ! Love the fact u
Can order samples ! Just waiting for a promo code to place
My order !!!! WAy less shiny and less metallic looking than Sweat


Love it. Makes tan application so quick, easy and mess and streak free.

So natural looking!

I bought two shades of the mineral powder foundation (one as a base and one as a highlight). It has such a natural finish and really nice coverage. It makes my pores look really refined. Loving it and will definitely repurchase.

Best mineral foundation

I love fitcover and is my go to makeup for everyday use. The mineral powder applies thick enough to cover up imperfections, pores and redness but light enough to allow my skin to breath and is great for the gym. Also lasts most of the day and gives me a matte finish which helps with my oily skin. Can't recommend it enough!


Awesome make up with great sized samples I will be ordering the whole collection of products 😊 very happy!!

Mineral foundation powder

Because I'm an esthetician I'm really passionate about clean makeup with good ingredients. So I decided to try fit cover. My skin is normally oily with some acne scarring. I needed something that would cover discoloration as well as stay on throughout the day with my oily skin. Fit cover has exceeded my expectations in every way. It lasts all day and you can build it up to full coverage. It used to take me 30-40 minutes to do my makeup with a liquid foundation and a powder. With fit cover I'm able to do my makeup in 15 minutes while still having full coverage. I will definitely continue using this product and I will be recommending it to all of my skincare clients!


Best self tanner I’ve used. Goes on super easy and evenly! Gives me a nice warm glow year round :)

Great makeup, good sized samples

I loved this foundation! It went on much nicer than other mineral powders I've tried and felt good on the skin as well as having excellent coverage! I loved that the samples came as 3 colours to find the best skin match and were a great size to try for a few applications. I have an oily complexion so still had some shine on my forehead but still loved it!

Fit Cover Tanned & Toned

This tan is easy to apply and has a nice colour. It lasted well through gym sessions but made my skin quite dry despite moisturising at least once a day. I'll definitely still use it though!

Eyebrow Cushion

I have tried so many products but this is by far the best I have tried. It is so easy to use, doesn't smudge and fills in my brows perfectly in seconds. 10/10 I LOVE it!

Best makeup ever!

I have used many different products ans finally found the best! I am constantly complimented on how good my makeup looks, even after 8 houra of wear. I cant wait to see how it holds up i the muggy summer here in St Louis. But obe thing is for sure, Fit Cover is my go to frim now in!


I was skeptical using this product because I've tried mineral foundations before that were said to be full coverage and long lasting but didnt hold true. This foundation however is everything! I can wear it all day though all elements and it stays! It also feels so smooth on my face and leaves a natural glow. I will definitely purchase this again. <3

This stuff is AMAZING

I am beyond impressed
Amazing coverage, feels light not heavy at all, seems to never run out and stays on through everything(even swimming 😯)
I have problematic skin that breaks out with all products but fitcover has actually helped reduce my breakouts
Best product ever ❤