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Fitcover® | Best Organic & Natural Makeup Products in Australia

Fitcover® | Best Organic & Natural Makeup Products in Australia

If we had a dollar for every time we've been told: ‘You shouldn’t wear makeup to the gym, it will make your skin break out!.’ Well, we'd probably have beaten Kylie Jenner to the First Self-Made Billionaire title. All of the best makeup brands in the world have been formulated with a specific purpose in mind. They’re made for stage performers, for sensitive skin, to achieve a natural glow, to cover troubled skin or simply to convince your colleagues that you've had 8 hours of sleep. There was one obvious gap in the cruelty-free makeup market that even the best makeup products were yet to fill... perspiration-proof gym-ready makeup. Yep, would you believe it women sweat? *GASP* But that doesn't mean we need to go bare-facing it at the gym! We have formulated the first makeup products in Australia designed for gym junkies and fitness freaks. Fitcover® is a vegan skin care and makeup brand that can withstand a hardcore HIIT sesh, a spin cycle class from hell or even an action-packed, appointment-filled day. Here’s what makes Fitcover® one of the best cruelty-free makeup brands in Australia, scrap that, the world!

Natural Makeup Australia

If you wouldn’t drink a protein shake full of toxins then you sure as hell shouldn’t be smothering them on your skin. Fitcover® is made with natural plant-based ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties so you may wake up sore after leg day but your skin sure won't. Our products are infused with vegan skin care so you can pull off the effortless #nomakeup look every day (it can be our little secret).

Vegan Makeup Brands

There are so many kickass vegan makeup brands on the market and we won’t lie, they’re pretty good. But to put things in perspective for any 90's kids, Fitcover® is Beyonce and the other vegan makeup brands are Kelly and Michelle. And the Grammy for best makeup products goes to… We stand out from the best-of-the-best makeup brands in Australia. Yeah, sure they’ve got a few hits, but we sell the only makeup products in Australia that can do it all; build-able coverage, natural makeup that is sweat-proof!

Organic Makeup Australia

Going to the gym isn’t all about achieving washboard abs and #bootygoals, a true gym junkie understands that you’re what you eat and this extends to what we put on our face. If we’re smothering our faces with nasty chemicals they will find their way into our blood stream and wreak havoc on our health. Leaving your house doused in your morning green juice isn’t a hot look, so Fitcover®, infused with vegan skin care, will be your next best choice when it comes to organic makeup in Australia. Fitcover's natural makeup is Australian owned and operated, and we ship to our Fitcover® Fam anywhere in the world from our Australian warehouse!

See why Fitcover® is the face of fitness!

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