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Fitcover - Experience kit

What’s so special about Fitcover’s Active Mineral Powder Foundation?

A day on your face is anything but ordinary. It’s packed to the brim with work, friends, fitness…and everything in-between. So why wear an ordinary foundation? You need something truly extraordinary!

Our Active Mineral Powder Foundation is just that. Extraordinarily sweat-proof and flawlessly full-coverage.

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How Does It Work?

Our foundation’s unique formula ticks all the boxes. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, made from naturally derived ingredients and free from all the nasties and parabens that negatively impact your skin’s health. We’re talking about powerful natural ingredients, such as Vitamin E, Olive Squalane and a natural SPF 15+, that hydrate, nourish and protect like nothing else.

For the ladies that live an active lifestyle, our Active Mineral Powder Foundation applies flawlessly and lasts all day long. So, if you want to look and feel your best no matter how much you sweat, then our foundation is your skin’s new best-friend and make-up bag essential!

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Key Ingredients

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I don’t know what foundation I need.

We can help! Email a few photos of yourself to in good natural lighting, without any makeup on and we will recommend the best shade for you. We know you Fitgirls always look your best whether it's in the gym or hanging with friends. We understand your on-the-go, busy schedules and want to make sure we give you the support you need to always look on point and get the perfect shade for you. One of the ways we love doing this is to gift you a free sample pack with your order. However, we have just had our biggest holiday season ever with more Fitgirls joining the tribe than we ever anticipated! This means we have run out of sample packs (eek!) but don't worry - if there's one thing we know it's how to throw shade! Just take a break and let us do the workout this time.

To make sure you're shade is still on-point we're going to include a FREE shade-matching session just for you, if you need it, with one of our shade matching experts. Just email us at and we'll do the heavy lifting!

Please note, it is very difficult to be 100% certain what shade you are through computer screens so if a recommendation is given, we sincerely apologize if it is not your perfect shade.

To qualify for an exchange the original foundation must be returned UNOPENED.

We will not accept any foundations that have been opened.

Do you use any dangerous chemicals in your products?

All our products are free from any nasty chemicals. We take the health of your skin very seriously.

Do you test on animals?

NO WAY! Fitcover is a cruelty free, VEGAN makeup line meaning that we do not test on animals or use ANY animal derived products.

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