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Simple changes will make a HUGE difference in the quality of your life.

If it’s true (and it is) that our bodies produce chemical substances and hormones in response to our emotional states and predominant thoughts, then you must realize the importance of managing your state of mind.

If you are stressed, if you are frustrated, angry, disappointed or overwhelmed – then you are poisoning your own body from the inside out. Worse still is the fact that if you’ve been focused on these emotions for a prolonged period of time then you are literally training your brain to repeat these thoughts and emotions.

Not only is that a very depressing way to spend you time it is also training your body to continue to manufacture and release hormones and substances that may no longer needed by your body to deal with your original problem.

As an example, it might have been useful to have your senses stimulated when your boss gave you a deadline, but if you haven’t let go of that frustration and resentment towards your boss three days after the deadline has already been passed – then your body is still caught in the cycle of manufacturing a substance that your body has absolutely no use for! That, in turn, can cause sever damage to your cells and tissues and by upsetting the delicate chemical balance in your system you could be spawning an environment and breeding ground for cancerous/mutated cells to multiply and rebel against your own body.

So what’s that got to do with my face?

Elementary, Mr. Watson – The single most powerful way to manage your state and instantly change the way you feel is to simply change your facial expression…

The best method to explain this phenomenon is by demonstration – so wherever you are reading this report, please stop your passive reading and get involved with me right now...

I want you to take a deep breath and hold it in for about 5 seconds, then exhale.

Now put a HUGE silly grin on your face Now look up (don’t stop grinning)

Now while you are looking at the ceiling and grinning like you’ve just won the lottery – I want you to go ahead and feel depressed! Tough isn’t it?

Okay, now if you can’t stand being happy anymore you can stop this little exercise and follow along with me again. This is a straightforward lesson in physiology (the way we move act and use our bodies). Our actions and movements had a direct effect on our emotional states.

Tony Robbins, the self-help speaker often puts it this way, “Your emotions are created by motion”
Besides manipulating your facial expressions, you could also change the way you walk, the way you stand, the way you talk. Change your posture, sit up straighter. Walk a little faster than you usually do. Add more emotion and conviction to the way you usually speak. These are all tools that you can use to decompress and defuse intense negative emotional states. Alternatively, if you are in the habit of walking briskly when you are stressed then you might consider reversing the process and actively choosing to walk a little slower or by talk a little softer.

Use your body to lead you emotions (…instead of it being the other way around!) If you are battling a sickness in your body right now- remind yourself to smile, sit more upright and breathe more fully that your have been. It will be imperative that you begin to take new action different to the actions that got you to the point of sickness.

Same cause – same effect. Set a new cause in motion and you’ll begin to experience a completely new set of effects (results)

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