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It’s National Women’s Health & Fitness Day, ladies! There’s sooooo many things happening today all over the world for girls & women of all ages of different races.
Yes, that includes YOU! No clue how to ~celebrate today? I got you, girl. 💪 Scroll on (it’s a real 2-min read I swear) and off you go:
Here’s YOUR Seven-Step Checklist for today. Take action, okay?
  • #1 LOOK OH-LA-LA GOOD (Yes, I know you always look great, but today, be a wee bit extra). Highlight your heavenly features and show the world the beauty and strength you have! *slow clapping for you* Show the real queen in you!
    • Only for you today, Fitcover is having a SALE to celebrate you! 30% on the second item is on us when you buy TODAY. Here’s a secret, use the code: NWHFD30. Write that done, screenshot this, or memorize this-- it’s up to you. See you at the check out. 
  • #2 TREAT YO SELF RIGHT.  Treat yourself with great food! There are so many gourmet health food deliveries nowadays that all you need is to open an app and order one or maybe two. Nourish your body to the ultimate today. You deserve it! Yas kween, no regrets ‘cos we sweat right? 
  • #3 SHOW UP. Sign up for a new class. You know that class you’ve bookmarked? Yes, that. It’s been waiting on your Saved list for how long already? Hmmmm. Time to take action. Sign up and SHOW UP. 
  • #4 STRETCH TO THE LIMIT.  This is my way of saying to stretch out and relax those tense muscles and thoughts. Today is a day to celebrate your health and fitness! Stretch all the stress away. You’ll be glowing in no time! 
  • #5 CLAIM IT AND IT’S YOURS. Claim something from the Universe and tell the world about it! We ladies have a lot of plans and goals. I say tell everyone about it! Post a Facebook status or an Instagram post or story about what it is. You can even tag me and I'll repost it! Double universe cookie points for you! You know what they say, once you ask for it, the whole universe will conspire with you to get it! So… Go. Get. It. 
  • #6 CALL FELLOW GIRLFRIENDS. Since today is all about YOU and other unapologetic women out there, call them! I’d say call at least 3 (yes, three) strong women and ask them how they are. Connect with them and just have a conversation and encourage each other to keep on keeping on! 
  • #7 SLEEP DEEP. Take that much-needed sleep. We’re talking about a solid 7-8 hours perhaps? No excuses because, again, you deserve it!
So are you ready? I’m already on my #2 item in the list! 😉 Let’s complete this list today. No excuses, promise? Good
PS. If you have more items to add to this list, let me know through my Instagram @novajanefit_ or comment below. So what are you waiting for, get off your phone and start DOING.  

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