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These past few months have been super quick and look, 2019 is about to end! Let me unload and process one of the many reflections I have after a fruitful weekend in Sydney at the Tony Robbins ‘Unleash the Power Within’ show a few months. Despite the high energies, it made me set aside quiet time to think & reflect-- the quality of life that we ourselves live in. I mean... how are we going with our wellness, really? 

One of my key realization is: We give out the same energy we absorb!

So we must pay attention to all the things we take in. How do we do this? We must think about the quality of the things we take in. Let’s look at the basics!

  1. Food. I cannot stress this enough, eating clean makes a huge difference! Yes... I know we have certain go-all-out-eat-whatever days, but let’s keep it to a point that 80% of the time what we put in our body is clean! Keep on the lookout. 
  2. Water. It’s very simple--water clears our head and gives us the purity we need! It cleans our system. It’s the best and FREE detoxifier we have! Take that big gulp and keep your hydration meter high. 
  3. Morning Vibes. We must wake up each day with the right mindset and energy. We must try to convert any bit of negativity and apprehension into motivation thoughts. From ‘Oh boy, another hectic and stressful day ahead’ to ‘Here we go! Battle mode on, gonna play some kick-ass music and OWN THIS DAY!’. 
  4. Clean products. Have a go on checking what the products we use everyday are made of. Well, I’m proud to say 100% of Fitcover products are sweat-proof, all natural, vegan, and cruelty-free! 
  5. Birds, bees, and the trees! Get out there and talk a run.. Or a walk… or a walk with your pup! Nature has a great way of healing and refreshing you. 
  6. People! No man is an island. We must surround ourselves with people that we wanna be like or who we share common goals with. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time! Energies are infectious so make sure you surround yourself with positivity all day long! After all, your vibe attracts your vibe, amirite? 

The energy that you take in will definitely translate outwards to the people you get to deal with everyday. So it’s like a good-vibes paying it forward kinda deal-- the best deal ever! Let’s move forward with this good vibes, great energy for the rest of the year! Alright? 

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