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There are less than 54 days until the end of 2019! Woah. It seems like only yesterday that we celebrated the beginning of the year and then.. Booom. Here we are again! 

In the recent weeks alone, we’ve gone through crazy events and happenings! Fitcover had just celebrated its second birthday a month ago, we’ve recently joined a couple of Fitness Shows, prepared for the launch of a new product, and did a loooot of promos at Fitcover. Time flew. 

This just comes to show that time flies when you’re doing a lot of things! I’ve finally got some time off to reassess and reflect on the current whirlwind of events. Fitcover has become massive and has been positively affecting the lives of more than 30,000 women since we’ve launched. It made me think what more can I do to further this platform? 

I decided to focus Fitcover’s advocacy to mental health. With the conversations that’s been going today around the world, there is definitely a need for various brands and personalities to champion for mental health. Moving forward, I shall bare my thoughts on how I cope with various mental concerns especially stress and anxiety. As a lot of my friends now, I do a lot of active training. This helps me with dealing with anxiety and keeping my mental health in check. I’ll be writing more of these issues and topics to help you with your fit mental health journey!

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