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Mention the word weight lifting to somebody and chances are the first thing they will associate with lifting is men. Despite the fact that weight lifting has also become a hobby, favorite and sport amongst women, there is still a taboo about it that screams “male sport!”

Picture the men you know who are weight lifters. Chances are some of them have some impressive muscles and physiques. It’s common nature to associate the fact that they lift with their physiques and muscle size. Because of this, women often fear the “byproduct” of weight lifting and choose to stick to the cardio section for fear of bulking up. Truth is, this isn’t correct logic at all.

Men are by physiologic nature built to gain muscle mass their testosterone levels support this and their capabilities of maintaining lower levels of body fat. Women are made to procreate, therefore we store higher levels of body fat and while we have testosterone in our body, it’s at very low levels.
Think of the common complaint amongst women on birth control- weight gain, not muscle gain. This is partly due to the supplemental estrogen. Estrogen is not conducive to muscle growth and getting super lean. Some females who compete in sports that require a very lean physique will even go off of all hormonal birth controls in order to get optimally shredded.

Flip through a magazine of female bodybuilders and you may cringe. This is not the product of weight lifting- these ladies are the product of many illegal and dangerous substances, oftentimes including testosterone. There is no physiological way that women can look bulky or mainly by lifting weights alone. In fact, lifting weights has a plethora of health benefits.

By lifting weights, you will in turn increase muscle mass. Increased muscle mass helps slow down osteoporosis as it can help increase bone density. When we strengthen our muscles, we decrease our risk of injuries or the severity of injuries that may happen (we’ve created a stronghold around our bones and joints with muscle!). The more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn at rest. Because muscle takes up less space than fat, you will also start to see your body tight to give you that “toned” look women often refer to. No bulkiness involved.

You can listen to the fears that weight lifting for women is senseless and will make you look like a man. Or you can try it for yourself and rock that toned and strong body and prove to everyone that this is a misconception. Strength isn't gendered specific- neither is weight lifting!

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