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Everyone embarks on a fitness journey for their own personal reasons. Whether their initial motivation was external or internal isn’t important- what matters is that they started.

As females, by nature, we tend to feel a competitive sense amongst each other. Instead of building each other up and encouraging each other, we make snide remarks about other women (oftentimes who we don’t even know!) and try to outdo them.

In the world of weight lifting however, for optimal success and happiness, these things can’t happen. As much as females have emerged and created a presence in the weight room, it is still, by and large, a “man’s sport.”

Because of this, it is absolutely crucial and necessary that we, as females, learn to stick together and be a constant support for each other in the world of weight lifting.

By changing the way we view each other, we can create an environment in which progress is always encouraged and happening and motivation abounds. There are some important things to remember, as a weight lifter, if you want to be true to yourself and your sport.

Be Honest with Yourself- Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves with regards to training too much or too hard, or we don’t listen to our bodies. While lifting weights is such a positive and healthy thing to do for our bodies, there is such a thing as doing too much.

When we experience pain, persistent exhaustion, or find ourselves throwing around more weight than our bodies are ready for, it’s time to take a step back. Sometimes honesty comes off quite brutal but it is necessary for this sport.

Perfect Form Before Adding Weight- Yes, hitting a PR feels amazing! That’s no secret. But rushing to lift a certain amount of weight before your strength is increased enough is a recipe for disaster.

It is absolutely crucial to be confident and on point with your lifting form (for any lift!) before adding heavy amounts of weight. Practice patient and be sensible before trying a new weight.

Be Humble and Support Each Other- We are all talented at our own special things. For some women, try as they may, their strength may remain mediocre at best. Who cares! Just because you can deadlift three times as much as your fellow female weight lifter doesn’t give you the right to be arrogant.

Humility is an awesome quality to have in life, and especially in the gym. We all have our own stories and our own origins. Support and uplift!!

To be most successful at anything you do, you must believe in it and believe in it to your core. By surrounding yourself with other women who love the sport as much as you do and always supporting and uplifting each other, you will be sure to prosper. After all, failure is rare when a group of strong, dedicated women bands together!

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